After trying to grow up for 42 years and to live life the way I was “supposed to”, in 2011, I decided it wasn’t worth it and didn’t want to run the rat race any more. My husband, Sean, and I made the decision to find a place to live that would be fun and enjoy everyday, instead of spending each day accumulating and taking care of our accumulations.  We sold or gave away everything we owned and relocated along with 4 of our 5 children to Tybee Island, GA. Yes this was a huge decision, but our lives and our marriage are so much better because of it.  Tybee is a destination beach town in the summer, but it is also the eclectic small town community that we craved, even though we had no idea it existed.  Now three years later, we have not looked back and we are still excited about our new life in the south. My plans for this blog are for more personal posts and a place to share our adventures. I also have a business blog and website where you can follow my professional work  or on facebook at my personal page or business page

Contact me at or 540-288-4970

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