Arriving in New Orleans
13 February

Arriving in New Orleans

Google maps estimated our trip from Tybee Island to New Orleans would be precisely 10 hours. When we first planned the trip I assumed we would leave at the crack o dawn, but at the last minute I had a bridal client appointment that I needed to meet with beforehand on Saturday morning. As soon as my meeting was over, I met up with my travel companions Carolyn, Mac (Carolyn’s son) and Kyleigh (my daughter) at the Target parking lot and then we were off. Mac pointed the car westward cutting through the thickest part of Georgia. Several hours in, we stopped for a sushi dinner, and caffeine fix then jumped back on the road turning south bound and didn’t stop till we reached the Big Easy.
The sultry humid sky glowed as the full moon shined upon us like a spotlight from the heavens. We crossed the bridge, peering to the left, the Super Dome radiated purple and green as Mard Gras spirits permeated the atmosphere. Siri commanded our turns through the CBD (central business district) until we pulled in front of the Hilton Garden Inn. We quickly dropped our bags in our room and walked to the nearest restaurant, Cochon. We sensed a cool vibe to the place as soon as we entered. Warm wooden plank walls, tables and chairs, and an open kitchen in the back emitted the most aromatic scent that titillated our growing appetites. Diego, our delightful server was eager for us to partake of the Cajun cuisines he suggested for us. We ordered several small plates, and a couple entrees so that we could have a variety of flavors. Liver and onions, macaroni and cheese, catfish court bouillon, Budin balls, BBQ oysters, fried oysters with bacon sandwich. I could hardly move after this meal. Within minutes, we were back in our room and each of us fell into bed ending our first day of travel!

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  1. Wow, you are all brave eaters trying all those dishes for the first time. Good for you! You said you would only be there for one day! Is that true? Great blog as usual. XOXO

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