Awareness. Thankfulness. Gratitude.
18 September

Awareness. Thankfulness. Gratitude.

Cool morning air chills my skin as I sit on our porch that overlooks the ocean. I watch the sky change colors from a deep sapphire to baby pastels during the next thirty minutes. Chattering birds get louder as more light floods in. The hotel building across from me glows bright and golden as the sun is no longer under the horizon line. 

The island comes alive and ready to welcome another day. School buses have already hauled kids off the island for their first day back in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. A few cars and trucks putter up the street while a bicyclist heads the other way towards the beach. 

My todo list is now multiple pages, as I return to work today. Editing, marketing, promoting and photographing are all in my future this week. Taking these few moments this morning are some of the most important. Awareness. Thankfulness. Gratitude.

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