219 weeks ago.
30 September

219 weeks ago.





The first day we visited Tybee was the last day of our four day exploration trip to Savannah. When I searched my Instagram photos for this post, I found out that it was 219 weeks ago the first time we crossed the Lazaretto bridge.

We were scouting for a new place to start over. We spent each day driving all over Savannah. Downtown, Midtown, South Side, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island, and Whitemarsh Island (which we incorrectly pronounced “White-marsh”) the last day on Tybee was supposed to be a fun day for our girls. They had been so patient as we spent days driving through dozens and dozens of neighborhoods, imagining what life would be like living in each of them.

We decided to buy sandwiches in Savannah and have a beach picnic on Tybee. We didn’t know about the awesome IGA deli subs back then.

After reading about how horrible the traffic and parking situation was on Tybee, we braced ourselves for the worst. Although it was a Tuesday and we sailed across the causeway with no traffic anywhere.

I remember it like it was a dream. Everyone in the car was quiet. I think we were all in our own little worlds, trying to process the past four days. Picturing starting over in a new place. I tried to imagine each of my kids growing up and flourishing in a new city. Thinking of how long it might take us to get established in a new town where we did not even know one soul.

I recall the sunshine blinking brightly in between palmtrees as we cruised through the marsh. Diamonds skipped across the top of deep waters at high tide. The sky was sterling blue. A perfect backdrop for the day. White clouds posed motionless in the sky as if they were holding still, patiently waiting for an artist to paint them.

Crossing the Lazaretto creek bridge we drove slowly onto the island, obeying the 35 mile per hour speed limit, until it was reduced to 30 after the sharp curve. We randomly made a left turn down tenth or eleventh street getting us closer to the ocean.  We expected to be searching hours for a parking space. However, we pulled right into an empty space, put money in the meter and went to the beach.

Sean and the girls went straight to the water. The waves crashed and  splashed over them as they jumped in. They all laughed and played together in a new way, that was fun and carefree. They saw live sand dollars for the first time ever. There were tons of them. Just reaching into the sand they picked them up one after another.

I sat in a chair soaking up the sun and salt air. Letting it wash over my weary and burdened soul. Pelicans flew in perfect formation as their shadows were cast in the sand. I could see the pier in the distance a few blocks away.

That Tuesday in July of 2011 was a gift to me. It was a magical day, as time seemingly stood still. We were refreshed and put all of our cares and worries aside for a few hours.Giggles and laughter we shared as a family still echo in my head.

At the end of the day we packed up and drove ten hours back to Virginia.Armed with a new sense of adventure and hope on the horizon for our family. We knew the low country was at the top of our relocation list.

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  1. Wen – I have been considering changes in my life for awhile and this blog helped clarify a few things
    thank you

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