Family Affair
15 February

Family Affair

It was time for me to emerge from my cocoon of quilts and wool whether I wanted to or not. Layering sweaters and scarves for the wedding ceremony that was taking place on the North Beach of Tybee.

In the spring and summer, I usually wear a light cotton printed sundress or pastel capri’s to stay cool. But on Saturday, I had to wrap up like the kid in A Christmas Story wearing thick socks, leather boots and mittens.

The sky was clear and crisp. Winds nipping with each blow did not stop the uniting of two souls coming together and blending a family forever. I consider it a great privilege to witness and document hundreds of couples each year that make a commitment of love on the sands of this little island.

What a great family!! These guys just made my day.

Later that night, Sean, Henny and Jeremy showed up at the Poo to bring a little Irish-ish music to our souls.

Friends new and old huddled a little closer and danced with more enthusiasm to heat up the room. Winky, lit propane heaters that we clung to like moths to a porch lite on a summers night. Keeping a balance between iced cold drinks and warm hearts. Kelly and Eric joined us to celebrate Eric’s latest spin around the sun.

I finally got to meet my blog friend Jackie and her husband Eric…visiting Tybee for the month of February.

Never missing a beat the band played on for three hours as the wooden deck boards shook and chattered beneath our feet.

Buddy led his Mom in a jig and
Baylie and I twirled around the room laughing and dancing. While Sean plucked the strings to the mandolin my grandfather, Beecher Raines, gave to him nearly twenty four years ago. I’m sure he was in the room smiling over us and tapping his foot with every beat at our family affair.

Bryce and his Pop, belting out a few verses together. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Kyleigh… she sure is a darn delight!
Thank you Carolyn for catching this moment from across the room.

Before the night was over, Bryce was shoulder to shoulder with his pop, belting out lyrics from ages ago. Kyleigh even stopped in after a night of babysitting to catch a few songs with her ol’ man.

What more could I ask for? Getting paid to do what I love, followed by weekend nights with family and friends that I love to be with. Kids that are truly a delight and I am blessed to call my own.  It certainly makes a cold winter Valentine’s weekend one that I count as a great memory where I feel so loved.

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