9 February



If I were to describe myself from the past week, it would have to be contemplative. Not melancholy or sad, just quiet and waiting.

I skipped joining my girlfriends a couple times this week and opted for my jammies and slippers instead. I kinda feel like a bear hibernating for the winter. Storing up my energy for when spring arrives.

I think that’s what February does to me. I don’t go out much. Instead I sit inside curled up in my warm chair with my laptop on my lap as I work on new business plans and email brides and customers. It’s a time to update photos, create new websites and map out  ideas that have been swirling in my head for weeks, months and even years.

Today the temperature has dropped even more and threatens to stay cold for the next week.  I am doing the unheard of, and venturing out of my cozy nest and social comfort zone and going off island before the sun is up. Thankfully I have my trusted side kick, Carolyn with me as we push forward and network with other business owners for coffee, breakfast and sometimes awkward conversations. Maybe it will give me some new blogging material!

Till next timeā€¦ BeHappyWen

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