Loosing Sight of The Real Thing
28 April

Loosing Sight of The Real Thing


Surrounded by some of my closest friends, we wiggled our toes in the sand for a glorious beach day. Feeling the salt air stick to our skin and hair as the cool breeze wrapped around us we just enjoyed the moment, and the opportunity to be.

About an hour into our basking, a little boy came up to us. His hair was wet and he shivered as the breeze had a slight chill in it. He tried hard to keep from crying, but obviously was a bit shaken. His voice quivered as he asked if we could help him find his Mommy. We all immediately hopped out of of our beach chairs and started looking for who would be his mommy. He said she was wearing a black swimsuit and sunglasses. Do you know how many women are on the beach on any given day wearing a black swimsuit and sunglasses??

We located ocean rescue and took him to them as we continued to search for Mommy. Only a few minutes passed till we found the one woman in a black bathing suit with sunglasses, frantically looking for her missing little guy. We could all only imagine the thousands of worrisome scenarios that were going through her mind. It was a happy moment for both of them (and all of us) as they were reunited.

It made me think about us as we each wander through our lives. The little boy was never that far from his Mommy, but it can be so easy to get lost in the crowd and lose site of who we are looking to follow and stick close to. He just needed a little help and to not be afraid to ask. How many times have we lost site of our purpose by the thousands of distractions that surround us. Some of those distractions can even appear to look similar to our purpose, dressed up to look just like it, but still not be the real thing. It can be so easy to get caught up in the sights, sounds and smells around us that the next thing you know is you’re lost and surrounded by everything you are not looking for.

Sometimes we have to stop, evaluate our situation, maybe even seek help or ask someone near to help us to get back on track and reunited with our purpose. When that moment happens, we know right away, that everything is going to be OK.


  1. This is a powerful post with a great message. Sometimes we it takes something like this to remind us of what’s important. So glad to hear the little boy and his mother had a happy ending. Thank you for coming to his rescue.

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