Last Post of 2015
31 December

Last Post of 2015


As I sit to write what will be my last blog post of the year, I think of all that has occurred during 2015. There was a lot of good and growth that happened mixed in with loss and sadness.

Though it was through losing loved ones that brought remaining relationships closer and deeper with more meaningful conversation and levels of commitment. When reality hits that we are not guaranteed our next day, it can change a life, a family, and a community.

Actions paired with intention happen more often now. This paves the way for clarity in our lives.

This is not supposed to be a depressing post, but one that will remind us to live our days with purpose.

As I prepare for the new year, I think about how I want my life to look. I shut my eyes and imagine the perfect days.  What do they look like?  What faces surround me? What is the conversation about? Can I make a positive difference in someone’s life?  How can I plan my days to create this life?

A question I constantly remind myself to revisit is… how do I keep the urgent from crowding out the important? What can I do to protect what I have deemed as important and valuable in my life and my family’s life?

A few years ago we started down the path of simplifying our possessions. This is an ongoing process as closets and drawers need continual purging to remove anything that doesn’t bring joy to our days and make us smile. It really is that simple and I always try to complicate it. The same rule can be applied to most areas of our life, don’t you think?

Enjoying the benefits of health and nutrition will be welcomed back into my daily routine. Over the past six weeks I have missed my daily exercise and clean eating regimen I worked hard to create last year. Creaking joints and familiar aches and pains of the past started to return and I am putting my foot down as I refuse to go back to that life! I will begin training in January as my brother and I plan to hike to Machu Picchu in the fall. Then to Mt Everest base camp in 2017.

Haven’t you had enough of saying “someday…” ? Put on your calendar what you intend to make happen, then do something everyday (an action plan) to get you there.

I started this blog in February with sporadic posts here and there with no real focus where I was headed with this whole thing.  In March when Sean and I traveled to Costa Rica for ten days, I wrote every day and was amazed that I could keep up with it. That was when I discovered how to blog from my phone with the help of a few apps.  After that trip I set a personal goal of posting at least once a week, within a month I upped my goal to twice a week. I am happy to say I have stuck with it! This is my 87th blog post this year. I have a few plans for next year to continue building my blog and share life with those who want to share.

Sincere heartfelt thank yous to all who have encouraged me. It was though your sharing, comments, messages and personal conversations, that gave me the push to continue. I don’t believe I would keep publishing publically if it were not for the encouragement from you. Thank you!

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  1. Love you Wen, keep it up I love to read your blogs and perspectives. It definitely makes me “HAPPY”
    Here’s all the posts to come in 2016.

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