You Might Not Like Tybee If…
19 October

You Might Not Like Tybee If…


If you like to have your days and nights planned out to the minute and “responsible grown up” priorities in order then Tybee might not be the place for you.

My schedule consists of things that I have to do and then there are the things that I want to do. These are spontaneous last minute get togethers that come up, usually starting with a group text from my friends.

Word quickly spreads that a friend’s band is playing at The Sandbar, Hucapoos or Tybee Social Club, another friend is tending bar for the night, it’s a birthday celebration for someone special, or just simply that the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day to stick our feet in the sand. Regardless of the reason, that’s where I love to spend my time. Celebrating life with friends.


When a text invite comes in, plans come together lightening fast. Unless I am scheduled to meet with a customer or have thousands of photos to edit, I’ll usually be there within minutes. Many times I’ll hook up with the group later in the evening after meeting with my customers. I’m a bit of a night owl so it’s not unusual for me to head out for the evening at 9 or 10.

True story…a couple of nights ago, I had been out with friends, but was tired and had gone home early I was already in bed by midnight (early for me, but I do try to get my rest when I’m tired and sometimes gotta fill my introvert needs…see my introvert blog post)

I had just taken off my makeup and was in my pajamas, when I got a text from Carolyn, Erin, and Jennifer, my ‘partners in crime’, inviting me to the Quarter Bar. If I wasn’t so exhausted, I would have joined them. I could have just rolled out of bed and went as I was, since they all went in their pajamas.


Now, I have to explain getting an invite to the Quarter Bar is usually not to join someone for drinks. But the Quarter is where we go for the best after midnight snacks. Well, not just a snack more like a meal. You can actually get burgers, wings and even crab legs till 2:45am. If you talk to a seasoned local, you will learn that there are items you can get that aren’t on the menu… stuff like deep fried macaroni and cheese. This is a favorite spot for my son Bryce and I to catch up after he gets off work.

Another reason you might not wanna live here is you can’t just run in and grab something quick at the grocery store. Since our IGA is only two blocks from our house, we just stop in daily to buy what’s for dinner. It’s kinda like having a fully stocked pantry, all of the time.  In the summertime, we quickly learned to only shop Monday-Thursday, because no one wants to stand in line. But the rest of the year, it’s not a quick stop either, as we will likely run into no less than nine people we know stopping to chat with each of them.

The same thing happens at the post office. We don’t have at home mail delivery here, so every couple of days we have to pop into the post office. Some people want their privacy, but you won’t get that around here. Our postmaster, knows right away when we walk in if we have a package or not and enjoys greeting each patron by name when they enter.

It’s may not be for everyone, but it sure is for me. I’ll take it, quirkiness spontaneous and all.


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